Writing (And Blogging) Takes Courage


I imagine that to some people, writing comes quite easily.  Just like with any other craft, they have a knack for it.  They probably hammer out pieces quickly and have no apprehensions about publishing their work.  What an author is really doing is putting themselves out there and that can be hard to do, depending on how much of themselves they put into any given piece of work.  It’s not easy but maybe that comes with practice.

As I start writing here at Random Waxing, I will be writing about topics I would not normally write about at my family blog.  My writing here is an exploration of a developing passion for writing.  So, inherently, many pieces will have a lot of me in them.  I’ve gotta say, it takes a few tries to hit that Publish button.  I’m not good that this yet.  The technical aspects of my writing is basic at best.  Some may argue that that isn’t important, that I should just write what I know and do it with passion.  Others may bash me and tell me learn how to write.  Its made me second guess my words more than a few times.

Another thing is that I’ve chosen to write in a blog form, which takes a commitment.  I have to be consistent or whats the point.  Its a challenge I knew full well before starting.

Nonetheless, here I am.  I have no grand goal to be had at the end of this site.  Its not a journal or a diary.  Its a manifestation of a desire to create.  So finally, after a few years of blogging, I am finally exploring this new passion for writing, publicly I might add (and maybe with a stiff drink while I click the Publish button).


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