On Separation Of Blogging And Writing


I’ve enjoyed blogging for some time now and lately I’ve enjoyed writing itself. But, like the separation of church and state, sometimes you have to keep one out of the way of the other. What do you mean?

Here’s what I mean…

In my opinion, writing should be a pure craft. Many writers believe this and go the lengths to achieve a zen like environment where they can let their creativity flow freely. Just like a sculptor chips and carves away the rock to reveal the sculpture or a painter envisions the masterpiece before putting a stroke of paint on the canvas so too is writing. It is inspiration manifested. No matter the type of writing an author is doing, the words have to come from somewhere meaningful. Hopefully to the reader as much as the writer. Otherwise, what’s the point.

When it comes to blogging, while it does consist of writing, different things come to mind. Thoughts of keywords, SEO, headlines, metadata, track backs, categories, tags, etc. These things can derail great writing. Personally, when I write I don’t want to think of the filling my sentences with search terms and keywords. I just want to express my thoughts, as well as I can.

Of course, people blog and write for different reasons and I imagine many people blog blissfully without a second thought about SEO and all that. Lucky them, I say, they are doing it purely for the joy of it. Then again, many people make a living blogging successfully because they pay attention to all the ins-and-outs of blogging. Like I said, sometimes blogging and writing need to be separated but sometimes they need to work together. Eventually, I may want to do that as well, make money from blogging-writing, but for now I try to just write.


What do you think?

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