Positivity And Clarity With Exercise


I’m ashamed to say that these days, I hardly exercise but several years ago, before I had a family, exercise was a passion of mine.  I did it everyday, in some form.  It was how I started my day or how I got away from a long day.  Most days I couldn’t wait to get back into the gym or get out on the road for a good run.  It was my time, by myself, me investing in myself.  That in itself is powerful.  Lots of people forget to invest positively in themselves.  In my opinion, exercise is the best way a person can invest in themselves.

I don’t think I’ve ever met an angry, bitter person that also incorporates exercise into their lifestyle.  That’s because it’s a great way to work out negative energy.  You push yourself to the limit then you keep going.  Not out of any outside obligation.  You do it simply because you want to and you can.  You’re accountable to yourself.  When you push yourself like that you have no time or room to dwell on the negative.  When you’re done with your workout all you’re left with is sweat, tired muscles and positive energy.

Another great thing I loved about making exercise a part of my day everyday is that it gave my mind a break.  When you train by yourself, you block out all distractions and your mind doesn’t have to multitask.  You do have to concentrate but it’s only on your next rep, your form, completing the set, doing one more mile, beating your last time.  You visualize and you do it; and that has an amazing ability to clear your mind.

I guess I would have to retract my first statement on this post where I said that exercise was my passion.  Exercise is still my passion despite me not dedicating the time I use to for it.  I guess it’s about time I start practicing what I’m preaching, after all, I wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite and summer is just around the corner.  And passion is nothing if you don’t live it, right?