App Review: Tasks Syncs Beautifully With Google Tasks [Android]


Everyone could use a great to-do app but finding one with all the right features and functionality that works they way you work is a never-ending search.  For me, a great to-do app must have:  a clean user interface, a quick workflow, drag and drop functionality so rearranging task is easy, a mobile app, a web app and seamless syncing between the mobile and web versions.  I think I may have found that perfect app.

Tasks [Free]


Task brings the full Google Tasks experience to Android. It is available in a free version and a paid version (currently $1.10 USD).  Both the free and paid versions have the same features and functionality but the free version is ad-supported.

I only just found this app today and I love it so much I’ve already uninstalled all my other to-do apps from my Android phone.  When starting up the app for the first time I had to select a Google Tasks account.  Seeing as how this app is built around Google Tasks, I went ahead an authorized my account.  The initial sync took only a few seconds and went flawlessly.  Some forgotten tasks in my Google account were then shown in my lists but it was easy to delete those.  I then set up my lists (or folders if your mind works that way).  The app arranges lists alphabetically from left to right but the app makes it so easy to move from one list to another that I didn’t mind this.  Simply swiping left or right moves you to adjacent lists, similar to the Android/iOS home screens.  This arrangement is awesome because there are no menus to slow you down.  The entry button, check boxes to complete tasks and drag-and-drop buttons are always on screen so working with your tasks is quick and easy.  The aesthetics of the app is also very clean and pleasing.  Seriously, this app is simple, quick and it works.  What more would you want?

(This is my first ever app review but I am an app junkie so, if you follow this blog, you will probably see more of these.  Enjoy.)