On Separation Of Blogging And Writing


I’ve enjoyed blogging for some time now and lately I’ve enjoyed writing itself. But, like the separation of church and state, sometimes you have to keep one out of the way of the other. What do you mean?

Here’s what I mean…

In my opinion, writing should be a pure craft. Many writers believe this and go the lengths to achieve a zen like environment where they can let their creativity flow freely. Just like a sculptor chips and carves away the rock to reveal the sculpture or a painter envisions the masterpiece before putting a stroke of paint on the canvas so too is writing. It is inspiration manifested. No matter the type of writing an author is doing, the words have to come from somewhere meaningful. Hopefully to the reader as much as the writer. Otherwise, what’s the point.

When it comes to blogging, while it does consist of writing, different things come to mind. Thoughts of keywords, SEO, headlines, metadata, track backs, categories, tags, etc. These things can derail great writing. Personally, when I write I don’t want to think of the filling my sentences with search terms and keywords. I just want to express my thoughts, as well as I can.

Of course, people blog and write for different reasons and I imagine many people blog blissfully without a second thought about SEO and all that. Lucky them, I say, they are doing it purely for the joy of it. Then again, many people make a living blogging successfully because they pay attention to all the ins-and-outs of blogging. Like I said, sometimes blogging and writing need to be separated but sometimes they need to work together. Eventually, I may want to do that as well, make money from blogging-writing, but for now I try to just write.


Writing Too Much To Tweet


Last night as I was on my way home I pulled my phone from my pocket to jump on Twitter and I realized that I haven’t been on Twitter in days.  I’ve just been enjoying writing in longer form for this site so much.  Having inspiration strike with a great post idea and actually writing and hammering it out into a complete post is so much more rewarding than crafting a short tweet.  Even today, I can’t think of a single thing I would care to tweet but I have jotted down several post ideas and worked on several drafts.

Truth be told, writing blog posts does take considerably more effort than a status update and I do hope readers relate to some of what I will be committing to posts.  It is definitely motivating.

Writing (And Blogging) Takes Courage


I imagine that to some people, writing comes quite easily.  Just like with any other craft, they have a knack for it.  They probably hammer out pieces quickly and have no apprehensions about publishing their work.  What an author is really doing is putting themselves out there and that can be hard to do, depending on how much of themselves they put into any given piece of work.  It’s not easy but maybe that comes with practice.

As I start writing here at Random Waxing, I will be writing about topics I would not normally write about at my family blog.  My writing here is an exploration of a developing passion for writing.  So, inherently, many pieces will have a lot of me in them.  I’ve gotta say, it takes a few tries to hit that Publish button.  I’m not good that this yet.  The technical aspects of my writing is basic at best.  Some may argue that that isn’t important, that I should just write what I know and do it with passion.  Others may bash me and tell me learn how to write.  Its made me second guess my words more than a few times.

Another thing is that I’ve chosen to write in a blog form, which takes a commitment.  I have to be consistent or whats the point.  Its a challenge I knew full well before starting.

Nonetheless, here I am.  I have no grand goal to be had at the end of this site.  Its not a journal or a diary.  Its a manifestation of a desire to create.  So finally, after a few years of blogging, I am finally exploring this new passion for writing, publicly I might add (and maybe with a stiff drink while I click the Publish button).

The Writing Itch


Circa 1996, I graduated from high school and never thought about writing again, at least not for the simple sake and enjoyment of writing.

However, in the recent years I have rediscovered writing and I enjoy it.  I am not a professional writer or have any background in this area.  I didn’t even particularly like English class back in high school but the simple accomplishment of putting concise thoughts to paper, or screen as it may be, is fulfilling.

I’ve always admired people that have a full journal with memories, thoughts, doodles and photos.  I’ve tried it but never kept at it.  I’ve had several notebooks with only a few pages with something on them.  I jump back and forth between digital journals and the age old paper and pencil.  I can’t decide whether I want to write privately or publicly (as in this blog).  I would get bored writing everyday about relatively trivial things yet I don’t want to confine myself, or this blog, to a particular interest.  I enjoy writing best when I want to.  Not according to a schedule or a deadline.  Although, I do save topics about which I may want to write then I visit them later.  About the only thing I am sure of is that I do enjoy writing from time to time and that is all.

Writing is an art form, no doubt.  So, am I an artist?  Well, no, I don’t think so but I can appreciate art.  I can emulate it.  I can be inspired by it.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. – Benjamin Franklin